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What is a Masterpiece tattoo?

Masterpiece tattoos are the highest quality tattoos published and voted by the editors of Ink on Sky community. The editors of the community value the following details: Reasons for not being selected Quality Line . If a tattoo has no contour definition, it can't be a Masterpiece. Fillers . If a tattoo has wrong gradient fillings or has been retattooed, it can't be a Masterpiece. Image Quality . If the picture is pixelated ( very important ), uses frames, collages using manipulated or funds can't be a Masterpiece. Duplicity . Only one publication of the same tattoo can be a Masterpiece in order to avoid false statistics. On the other hand, publishers do not value Masterpieces in the selection of the following aspects: Reasons that are not valued Themes . The themes used in tattoos do not affect the selection. Tint . Tones or colors do not affect the selection. Complexity . The difficulty in developing a tattoo does not affect the selection. What must be understood is that a tattoo is a Masterpiece tattoo if it meets the expectations of the community editors . Therefore, there may be very basic and simple tattoos that are Masterpieces. However, some tattoos with great complexity are not. The standards are set by the best tattoo artists in specific styles. For example, an old school tattoo will be assessed differently than a realistic tattoo. The standard of an old school tattoo will be more subtle and a more defined finishing is required in opposition to a black & grey tattoo, editors may require a further or better gradient.

A top quality tattoo awarded by the editors of the community

What is an Ink Master tattoo artist?

Steps for Ink Master One of the fundamental requirements to be an Ink Master is that your tattoos have an exceptional quality of general or timely manner. The first thing you have to do to make the editors of Ink on Sky value your selection as an Ink Master, is to create a profile in the community and publish as many tattoos as you wish. The editors consult everything published daily in the community and once you have a large volume of Masterpiece tattoos selected, you will be considered as Ink Master. Publishers do not answer messages by artists pressured to be selected, please stay calm and respect our work for our mental health. Can I pay to be an Ink Master? No, all publications in the Ink Master section is free, serious and objective. The value of being an Ink Master is the objectivity of our editors. Why have not you chosen me? We do not usually select many artists as Ink Masters. Set levels are very high, private and fortunately personal. We never indicate the reason for not being selected, it would be frivolous and uncomfortable. We simply limit ourselves to selecting the best with a personal approach. The editors are the core of this community, we have the inherent right to be able to select who we please. We can not apologize for not selecting you as being selected as Ink Master is not a right, it is a gift from our admiration for your work. That admiration is cunning and selfish.

The highest Ink on Sky award

What is a POP tattoo?

The most popular tattoos are marked with a POP or a simple P, depending on where they are displayed. The algorithm on Ink on Sky automatically detects the tattoos with a high number of visits, comments or favorites every 30 seconds. A POP tattoo doesn't mean it has more chances of becoming a Masterpiece tattoo.

POP tattoos are displayed preferentially in the community, both on the cover and section tattoos. Therefore, they are beneficial to have more visits on our profiles.

POP tattoos are usually of users with more followers in the community, because their publications have more social interaction.

The most popular tattoos automatically detected

What are the rankings?

They are publications by the Ink on Sky team of editors. The rankings are selections of tattoo artists filtered by location, style or quality. They are made with months of work, ensuring strict quality requirements.

Normally, only Ink Master tattoo artists appear in the rankings. To appear in a ranking, you must create an account and publish your work. The editors of the community value everything published daily.

The rankings are made without profit. We do not accept donations or financial contributions to appear in them.

Many of our rankings are visited thousands of times daily, a free promotion of which we are very proud.

Listings of the best tattoo artists selected by the editors of the community

How to add an opinion in the opinion section?

We've enabled a section for users to give us their opinion. All opinions aproved are shown in Reviews section, you can see it by clicking here.

To write a review, please register and add your opinion from the profile editing in "Opinion of Ink on Sky". Once you complete your opinion, the community editors may approve.

It will be an honor to read your opinion.

Comment on the community and we will be honored

Why are there sponsors in the community?

To maintain a community alive stopped being cheap a long time ago. Ink on Sky requires servers with sufficient space to accommodate hundreds of thousands of tattoos and a bandwidth capable of accepting several million visits every month. All this is funded by various sponsors of the community. You can check our sponsors in the section sponsors .

Our community is sponsored by the most respected brands in the tattoo industry, something we are very proud of and grateful.

The most important brands keep the community alive

How to join the team of editors?

Being editor is not a game. Being editor means to love the art of tattoo. Being editor is being a good person.

The editors are responsible for analyzing everything published in the community daily. Being editor is a totally selfless task that requires real time to vote for all tattoos published in the community.

To be an editor, you must write to or from our contact form . We will contact you and consider your ability to analyze different tattoos using a simple test.

Help us and you will be helping the art of tattoo

What is the activity section?

The activity section has been incorporated into the sixth Ink on Sky version. It allows us to check who the users that have last interacted with the community are. The main intention of this section is to enable users to discover new artists.

* If you do not want to appear in the activity section you can define it from the configuration section of your profile. You have total control over your privacy.

We show the last artists active on the community

How to appear on the tattoo artist map?

Appearing on the map is essential to receive appointments and get others to know you. Tattooing is an art that demands artists to be close to a given location. Every day, thousands of people consult our map of artists looking for artists close to their location.

To appear on the map, you must simply add your location by editing your profile. It does not require validations and it's absolutely free.

To not appear on the map gives you less opportunities

How to report an error?

Sometimes, the community seems to have been programmed by monkeys. We are not perfect, so we make thousands of mistakes. If you see any errors, we would be very grateful if you pointed them out to us. You can do so from our contact form or by writing to All users who warn us of an error will get an "Ink Friend" logo shown next to its name.

Tell an error and we will become friends

What is Ink on Sky's philosophy?

Our philosophy is very important. We philosophize constantly. Ink on Sky is a website that was created ingloriously. Today, it's a web portal in which we are dedicated body and soul.

We are, without bragging, a leader in the tattoo world. Becoming a leader has not been easy. Maybe, just maybe, the reason for our success is our philosophy.

Our philosophy is to offer a free service without preference for any artist. We work with many tattoo schools for free, perhaps because we want to improve the quality of the tattoo. We develop rankings for free, because we recognize the effort of the best tattoo artists.

We deeply respect the authorship of tattoos. Our website does not contain a single tattoo that is not associated with an artist.

Thousands of people have got a tattoo thanks to our web portal and that gives us goosebumps.

Love and friendship

How and why you should register in the community?

Internet allows us to meet the most interesting tattoo artists. However, to locate a tattoo artist is often very difficult. Our community allows users to find the nearest tattoo artist in a simple and fun way. If you are a professional tattoo artist and want to increase your clientele, it is important to register in the community to get people to know you. 99% of our visitors come to our community looking for a tattoo artist, it is a logical thing considering that our web portal appears at the top of Google with the result search "tattoo artist".

There are many tattoo pages, in which you have to pay to advertise. Our style is different, we are completely free.

Free distribution to thousands of users

How to create a collection?

Many users want to group different tattoos of different artists. We have called these groups "collections of tattoos". This is a simple way to have tattoos on one site, filtered by our tastes and/or interests.

To create a collection, simply go to your profile and click on collections. Then you have to click on "Create collection" and complete a short form. Once you have created the collection, you can click on "collecting" in the display of each tattoo.

All collections are public and other users' collections are visible in the collections section.

The collections are spaces where tattoos of different artists are grouped

Why is it important to indicate the materials?

For beginners to learn. Many users of our community are tattoo artists who are learning to tattoo. Learners often access Ink on Sky to see the work of other tattoo artists and to learn from the best. The best way for beginners to know the different materials we use in our tattoos, is by posting them on our profile form. For brands know you Publishing materials also gives you an advantage in the future as a brand can sponsor you. Brands are looking forward to sponsor high quality tattoo artists. If you indicate that you use their products, they may be interested in your work and want to work with you personally. How is a material added? You simply need to register in the community, access your profile and go to the materials section. Then, click on "add material." You can create new brands or select ones created by users.

Brands sponsor thousands of artists, but before, they should know if you use their products

What is being Ink Friend?

The community has grown steadily since its inception. The main reason is the support, friendship and collaboration of all the artists who are part of Ink on Sky. Therefore, we have created a system to recognize the friendship with the project of any tattoo artist to share a link of the community.

You must simply complete the "Ink Friend" form in the configuration section of your profile. The first thing to do is to share the Ink on Sky link to any of your social networks. It may be the cover of the community or simply your profile of Ink on Sky. Once you share it, simply indicate the address where editors can check it. We usually take several days to check them, and we do it manually so we like to take our time.

Once a friendship is approved, a friendship badge is shown a badge (angel wings) on your profile.

Thank you very much for working with Ink on Sky. Thank you for defending the quality of the tattoo.

Broadcast an Ink on Sky link and an Ink Friend badge will be shown on your profile

Who can publish tattoos?

Everyone can publish tattoos on Ink on Sky. The only requirements are to have a free account in the community and being the author of the tattoo or its owner. Tattoos may be published, commented, added to the collections of other users or just bookmarked.

The editors validate everything published several times a day. The internal voting system decides if the publication of the tattoo is a Masterpiece or if the quality of the photographic image is poor.

All publications have all rights reserved. Everything published on Ink on Sky belongs solely to the authors.

What are my copyrights?

Absolutely everything you post will always be yours without exception. Ink on Sky only shows your publications (tattoos, collections ...) next to your name and profile in case we want to share some kind of publication. Ink on Sky has no right to reproduce the material you post. All content is reserved by the copyright of artists and collaborators of the platform. Ink on Sky can only share your publications in our tattoo portals, tattoo magazines or social publications associated with the project.

Everything you post will always be yours

How big is Ink on Sky?

Currently, we are officially in 25 countries. Our monthly visits are counted in millions. Depending on the country, we can come to welcome more than 400 users per minute, something we are very proud of.

We have the largest repository of artists and tattoo studios on the planet. The growth of the community is 15% per month since its opening, so the figures often change from month to month.

The community has the largest library of tattoos filtered and categorized on Internet. Tattoos are published by thousands of users of the community.

The Ink on Sky team consists of more than 30 people. We have offices in Oklahoma (USA), Valletta (Malta) and San Sebastián (Spain).

The website with the most classified tattoos

Can I register without being a tattoo artist?

Of course you can. You can create a profile where you can follow tattoo artists you love, create collections of tattoos and select your favorite tattoos among other things.

If you are a tattoo lover, it would be great to have you with us.

Everyone is welcome

Are we legit?

We like this question. Internet and tattoos have never got along. Currently, there are thousands and thousands of tattoo pages that do not respect the tattoo artists. We can find tattoos without the names of authors everywhere ; Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram are pages where many tattoos are copied without permission of the authors. There are also thousands of forums and blogs where photographs of tattoos are used without mentioning its author.

Ink on Sky absolutely respects the copyright of artists. Ink on Sky never publishes a tattoo without the artists permission.

We are flesh and blood

How to get an appointment to get tattooed?

The main attraction of Ink on Sky is its appointment system for tattooing. You simply need to click on "make an appointment to get tattooed" from the profile of each artist or study and complete a short form. Appointments are sent directly to their personal emails, facilitating reading comfort and increasing response times from the artists themselves.

The whole appointment system is free and does not involve any commission. Appointments are private and are only read by the recipient artists.

You do not need to register to make an appointment.

Free and immediate. Complete a short form and contact the artist

Are the profiles public?

The whole web is public. All profiles are public. The only information kept private are emails to avoid spam and personal data, which remain encrypted in our servers. Messages for appointments are also completely private.

All publications are shared on all our portals (,, ...) simultaneously.

Ink on Sky has no problems with privacy policies. Everything is purely public.

Everything is public, without hidings

Is it free?

Ink on Sky is free. No nonsense, no commissions, no foreign rates. The community is kept alive thanks to the sponsors that sponsor the project.

We know that many tattoo websites are paid, many of them work with commissions. The potential of Ink on Sky is its objectivity, if the community was with fee, we would cease to be objective.

Totally free and without commissions

Voting Period

All publications on Ink on Sky have in their early days, a "Voting Period" indication. The reason for this indication is to warn the tattoo artist that his/her tattoo is being checked, reviewed and voted by the Ink on Sky team of editors.

The Voting Period time can reach a maximum of 15 days. Publishers require a space of time in order to vote comfortably the thousands of tattoos published weekly.

Once the voting time ends or tattoo is awarded the insignia Masterpiece indication, the "Voting Period" disappears.

It's the time that editors have to vote for a tattoo

Perfect 10

Perfect 10 tattoos are those that have been voted by more than 50% of the editors of the community. They are considered as being among the best.

Tattoos voted by more than 50% of editors
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